On 11 May 2023, the conference “Prospects for Family Resilience in the Context of multiple Crises” took place in Chisinau. The partners of this conference were UN WOMEN, UNESCO, the Gender Centre, the University of Moldova, the Government of Moldova and the Platform for Gender Studies in Moldova.

The document presented here and which can be used as a free reference tool for Moldovan and International NGOs and partners in the field of crisis management, contains a compilation of various presentations given at the conference that deal with the stability of families in crisis situations such as violence and forced migration among others.

HOPE’87 and SPERANTA 87, which together have already carried out extensive humanitarian aid projects for Ukrainian refugees, including with funding from the Austrian Development Agency and private donors, are delighted to have been involved in the conference and the printing of this book.

You can read the publication by clicking on this link!