A story from the “Ignatenco Children’s Hospital” in Chisinau, Moldova

In the office of the head of the department and the only paediatric microsurgeon in Moldova – Anatolii Vladimirovici – we learned many interesting things about the unique doctors who work in Chisinau Children's Hospital No. 3 and take special care of the war children from Ukraine.

1,775 Afghan children getting support for education!

Uniforms were distributed among Afghan kids studying in 12 schools, enrolled by HOPE'87 through its "education voucher scheme" under the AcCESS project, funded by ECHO and ADC.

HOPE'87 Health Post for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Take a look at the work of the HOPE'87 Health Post for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, which was generously supported by UNITED TEAMS - the Strategic Alliance of the YOU Foundation through "ZF hilft"!


Praktikum/Volontariat im Generalsekretariat HOPE'87

Praktikum/Volontariat im Generalsekretariat von HOPE'87


Wie lange?

Mindestdauer: 6 Monate: 2 Tage/ pro Woche (ca. 350 Stunden)


HOPE’87, eine österreichische Initiative, wurde als Antwort auf das Internationale Jugendjahr der Vereinten Nationen gegründet. 

Distribution of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees in Moldova

In the last weeks, a wonderful new humanitarian aid project for Ukrainian refugees has started under the patronage of the National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO, financed by the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need in cooperation with RTL and Deutsche Postcode Lotterie. A big thank you to the local team in Chisinau, that works free of charge for this project!

There is always hope

Nabi Gul, an Afghan refugee father of 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) was injured in a bomb blast in Peshawar in 2006. With poor and limited access to treatments Nabi’s health deteriorated to the extent that he is unable to work now. Two of his boys aged 15 and 6 started working to support the family.