On January 24, 2024, an Information Fair was held as part of the work of the State Commission of the Republic of Moldova for Migration and Asylum.
The purpose of this event was to summarise the government’s activities on migration and asylum issues over the past year, outline a work plan for the future, and also promote NGOs’ connections with government representatives and donors as the main audience.
The event was attended by more than 200 people: representatives of government agencies, donors (UNHCR, IOM, UNICEF, UN Woman, UNESCO, UNFPA, WHO, etc.) and national NGOs who made a significant contribution to working with refugees. A total of 8 national NGOs providing assistance to refugees were honored to set up an information stand with their staff and information materials to demonstrate their activities and contributions.
HOPE’87 Moldova/Speranta’87 Moldova also had opportunities to present their contributions. The stand displayed a children’s drawing competition held as part of the projects, published flyers and posters and guides for children, parents and teachers in crisis situations, photographs, certificates and diplomas received from local authorities, etc.
The stand aroused great interest among members of the State Commission and was visited by Ms. Jana Costachi, State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and, concurrently, Chairman of the State Commission. In addition, the stand was also represented by Prof. Constantin Rusnac, Secretary General of the NCRM for UNESCO, which worked closely with HOPE’87 Moldova/Speranta’87 Moldova in the implementation of projects.