HOPE’87’s non-governmental partner organisation, Speranta 87 Moldova, has been running the “Support for Ukrainian refugees, mainly women, boys and girls in the Republic of Moldova” project for around a year.
During this period, more than 8,000 Ukrainian refugees in Moldavia, who fled there to escape the war in Ukraine, have been supported.
They received food and hygiene kits, as well as schoolbags containing all the accessories needed for children’s learning and creativity.
Ukrainian refugees are constantly supporting the local partner. As volunteers, they help with the unloading and distribution of aid and also give their own recommendations and ideas on various aspects, such as the children’s idea of painting “thank-you pictures“.
The children were so grateful for the school backpacks and their contents that they decided to express their gratitude to the donors and everyone involved in the project by drawing pictures of gratitude, using paints and crayons provided in the parcel.
Speranta 87 listened to them and organised a real painting competition where the children thanked our partner, the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), who entirely financed this project, as warmly as possible with each brush stroke!