Clean drinking water is not sufficiently available in the villages of Mali. The community of Finkolo is not exempt from this observation and the village of Sanoukoro has had real difficulties in meeting the drinking water needs of the entire village population. Thanks to the support of the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need, the village of Sanoukoro has benefited from a borehole with a hand pump.

The implementation of the project has improved access to clean drinking water for 400 people in Mali. This was done through the provision of clean water and the rational and sustainable management of the borehole through the establishment and training of a water committee. In addition, the project protected 150 schoolchildren aged 7 to 15 from accidents caused by a lack of road safety. This is because these pupils had to cross the road to get to a water point on the other side of the international road connecting Burkina Faso and Mali.

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