Our project that aimed at fighting against COVID-19 for the children of the IDPs in Paletwa by providing humanitarian assistance has recently terminated!

Throughout the project, HOPE’87 helped to ensure a coordinated approach to provide water, sanitation and hygiene as well as to respond to the nutrition and health needs of the internally displaced populations.

The IDPs, who before struggled to access basic needs, now have their human dignity restored, which was guaranteed through the construction of latrines, the provision of clean water for washing, bathing, cooking and personal hygiene and the implementation of WASH activities for more than 2,000 IDPs and their children as the main measure against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Furthermore, COVID-19 awareness campaign for over 8,000 refugees in Paletwa Camp were successfully implemented, showing the benefits of washing hands, wearing mouth and nose protection, keeping distance wherever possible and explaining to people what the symptoms of a COVID-19 disease are and what actions to take to avoid infecting others.

Due to these hygiene training sessions, the COVID- 19 preventive measures and the distribution of vitamin supplements and hygiene kits to the children and refugees, the physical condition of the IDPs has improved noticeably!

HOPE’87 expresses its gratitude to its partner the “YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need“ in Düsseldorf/Germany, and to the donor RTL for the generous support of those in need in Myanmar!