A message from Tomoko Watanabe, daughter of survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, who works for the NGO ANT-Hiroshima, which is dedicated to building peace in the world by promoting Hiroshima’s message of peace and reconciliation:

“We in Hiroshima are deeply troubled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people, as well as to those in Russia who never wished for war and feel powerless to stop it. In addition to the serious harm caused by conventional warfare and its myriad impacts, we are also concerned by the threat that a nuclear weapon may be used in this conflict.

As members of a community that has experienced the devastating effects of war and the atomic bombing, we in Hiroshima urge an end to the war in Ukraine, without the use of a single nuclear weapon. We call for international law to be upheld, and for each of us to help support those who are suffering, especially the more vulnerable among us.

Hiroshima has taught us that we can create peace — that we can rebuild from destruction, that we can turn away from totalitarianism, and that former enemies can become dear friends. Let us turn again to that work with determination and hope.”