The project “The traditional tree “Umuhivu” in the fight against poverty and climate change”, which started in April 2023, contributes to environmental protection and poverty alleviation in northern Burundi.

The first dimension of the project is to contribute to poverty alleviation and promote the development of the population in the province of Kirundo in Burundi, which traditionally lived exclusively from pottery and blacksmithing, which is no longer profitable for them due to competition from modern materials. The project helps strengthen the artisanal methods of blacksmithing, pottery and basketry through modern production methods based on derivatives of the traditional Umuhivu tree to make them more profitable. Through community work, the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship, and the protection of flora and fauna, the income of indigenous Batwa communities is increased, enabling them to sustain their livelihoods.

The second dimension of the project is to combat climate change in order to increase the resilience of the population. To achieve this goal, educational sessions are held on climate change, its causes and consequences for the riparian areas of Lakes Cohoha and Gacamirindi, community environmental clubs are established, and the Umuhivu tree is planted on the shores of the two lakes so that fish can grow up in the shade of the trees. These activities also greatly increase the productivity of the farmland by reducing erosion due to the planting of the Umuhivu tree.

HOPE’87 expresses its gratitude to the YOU Foundation and Deutsche Postcode Lottery, for funding this project!