As part of the “lessons learned” approach and in order to share its experience with interested individuals and organisations, HOPE’87 continues to support the production and publication of series of papers and books. Therefore, HOPE’87 in cooperation with its Moldovan partner SPERANTA 87, NCRM for UNESCO as well as the Moldovan State University and NGO Gender-Center published two methodological manuals, which are designed to promote an easy and comfortable integration for Ukrainian children and their parents who have fled to the Republic of Moldova as a result of the war in Ukraine. The books were developed with the financial support of UNESCO Headquarters within the framework of the project “Creating an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova” and will be distributed free of charge in the schools in which Ukrainian children study. The following is an excerpt of two publications related to the war in Ukraine and the refugees in the Republic of Moldova.

PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: a practical guide for teenagers – V. Bodrug-Lungu, L. Darius, A. Donos, E. Osadchaya

This handbook provides useful information for teenagers who, in the context of the war in Ukraine, may also become more vulnerable to emergencies of a different nature. The manual is intended to teach girls and boys to better cope with adverse situations and to be psycho-emotionally stable in emergency situations.

PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE IN THE CONDITIONS OF A HUMANITARIAN CRISIS: A practical guide for parents – V. Bodrug-Lungu, S. Tolstaya, V. Papuk-Pomana

This publication includes useful information for parents with children who have fled the war in Ukraine and are therefore also more vulnerable in the context of other difficult situations. The purpose of this practical guide is to promote the formation of psycho-emotional resilience of parents through various exercises and informational materials in order to better cope with adverse situations during a humanitarian crisis. The materials can also be useful in crisis situations associated with natural disasters.