Construction and equipment of the secondary school of Médina Chérif

The Médina Chérif Collège d’Enseignement Moyen, a school for children between 11 and 15 years of age, previously consisted only of several shelter-like unwalled buildings, lacking necessary access to clean water, toilets or an administrative school block.

Renovation of village primary school

At the moment, the primary school of Durgapur subdivision of Netrokona, a neglected area near to the boarder of India, comprises only 45 students and one teacher. However, the number of students is increasing and the quality of education is improving. One of the main problems was the condition of the school building, which was in need of substantial repairs due to heavy rainfalls and floods. Therefore, the school programme was interrupted and the school building was reconstructed. The newly built school building thus ensures the provision of primary education in the area.

Skills training for handicapped people in Pakistan, Umeed-e-Noor

The project, co-financed by ADC, was initiated in June 2009 with the objective to contribute to increase economic and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, specifically to support people with down’s syndrome or hearing impairments, as well as slow learners. The main goals were to improve the equipment of a skills training centre of the local partner “Hashoo Foundation”, the development of demand-driven training courses and medical as well as psycho-social care for the trainees.

Support programme for youth and street children in Ghana

HOPE’87, in cooperation with Don Bosco, was actively involved in improving the living conditions of street children in Ghana but especially their access to education by supporting deprived children not able to afford basic education in formal schools. In this respect, four Vacation Camps were organised in different parts of the Sunyani and Odumase Townships allowing a creative and varied space for addressing deficiencies in the children’s academic syllabus. Games and animated activities ensured a pleasant learning atmosphere.

Hope for the children of Ashaiman: Football training and primary school education for marginalized children

The facilities that provide recreation and sporting activities for children and young people in the Ashaiman environs are limited. In the vicinity of the project place there are no recreational facilities at all. Using sports (football) as a recreation opportunity for marginalised youth is a programme run by the project partner, Salesians of Don Bosco. The construction of the football field provided the necessary facility for sustaining the programme.

“Es mi casa” Support for children with special needs in San Francisco de Mostazal

Thanks to donations from “WIGWAM Reisen (Germany)“ and the “Foundation Trekking Chile”, which is the Chilean partner of HOPE’87 and the UNESCO Foundation – Education for Children in Need, the project “Es mi casa” in San Francisco de Mostazal, which is situated 60 km south of Santiago de Chile, could be completed. Throughout the project, children with special needs were trained in handicrafts that can be useful if they want to set foot in the working world.

HOPE for the children of Moldova- educational support for long-term hosptalised children of the Institute of Oncology

Psychosocial support for cancer patients in Moldova is poorly developed. Long-termed stays in hospital and the handling with a diagnosis like cancer places children ahead of disproportional challenges, regarding their age and their mental conditions. The importance of psychological support for ill children and family members in Moldova is underestimated and, as a result, there is an acute deficit not only of psychological services in educational institutions but also of employment possibilities for qualified personnel.

Improving the education of children and girls in particular (Dakar Banlieue IV/Phase 1)

In the course of the project Dakar Suburb IV, financed by UNESCO Paris, which focused on education and income generating activities in the Dakar suburbs, a school and a day nursery was built and equipped in Baraka, a play ground for small children was established at the Grand Yoff II school and a public kindergarten at Parcelles Assainies was provides with sanitary facilities.

Generation of sources of income for women and young people in Dakar's suburbs (Dakar Banlieue III/Phase 2)

The Dakar Suburb III project was terminated at the end of 2009, with activities aiming at the intensification of micro-financing and income generating activities for young people and especially women in Baraka, a slum dwelling in Dakar. About 500 inhabitants benefitted from micro-credits and training opportunities, enabling them to open their small businesses such as market stalls, street hawkers or hair dressers.

Integrated project to fight poverty in the suburbs of Dakar

HOPE'87 successfully completed phase one of its project to reduce poverty in Dakar through education. The completion of this phase saw the construction and rehabilitation of classrooms in a public school in Parcelles Assainies Unité 10 Dakar. The second phase of the project started in January 2012 and included the construction of a health centre ("poste de santé") for about 3,500 inhabitants and the enlargement of skills-training facilities for about 300 trainees in the slum of Baraka.