Children's drawing competition

Burkina Faso
Region of Centre, Province of Kadiogo, Rural District of Tanghin-Dassouri and City of Ouagadougou
Project Duration: 
ANT-Hiroshima, HOPE'87
Project Description: 

The pupils of the “Ralf Zacherl” school of Taonsgho and the Kandara school of Ouagadougou in the central region of Burkina Faso participated in the "Arts Party 2010" organised by Ms Tomoko Watanabe from ANT-Hiroshima. The events aim was to develop the creativity of children from 4 to 12 years. Their artwork was on exhibition in Hiroshima and any profits from sales were sent to both schools, where the funds would be allocated to the purchase of school equipment (notebooks, pens, pencils and books) and canteen equipment (pots and cooking utensils). The two schools have already sent confirmation of participation to ANT-Hiroshima for the 2011 edition of the "Arts Party".