The Young Burundian Leaders Network, with the support of the ministries of Labour, Higher Education, Elementary Education as well as the American Embassy, has developed an annual “Career Fair”, a unique opportunity for young people’s better future prospects. It served as a place to get in touch with employees and employers from different organisations, educational institutions, NGOs and private enterprises. The American Embassy invited HOPE’87-Burundi to join the Youth Volunteers for an environmental programme in Burundi, which was creating clubs for young people in rural areas to get them involved in conservation and the domestic economies in their communities. This initiative was developed jointly with the “Roots and Shoots” programme of the Jane Goodall Institute. More than ten clubs were put in place in Bujumbura, Kivoga, Rumonge and Bururi. Dr. Jane Goodall participated in the exhibition of youth clubs in Bujumbura with the aim to raise awareness about environmental protection and the importance of trees. A joint visit with Dr. Jane Goodall took HOPE’87-Burundi to the Kigwena Natural Reserve for a future conservation project of the Vyanda-Rukambasi forests. HOPE’87-Burundi promoted education amongst the population surrounding the forests, and supporting capacity building of young people to create income generating activities.

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Development Project, Environment

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Communities Bururi and Makamba; Bujumbura