This action was a response to multiple natural and human disasters in order to preserve children’s’ rights to education. In recent years, Burundi is yet again suffering from violence that claims human lives and also forces young people to be misused by the actors in conflict.

In order to establish conditions that will allow children to return to school as soon as possible, as well as improve the learning conditions of students in basic education, HOPE’87-Burundi, in collaboration with UNICEF-Burundi and the Ministry of Education, initiated a project to train teachers on “Education in Emergencies” in public schools in the northern part of Bujumbura.

The specific objective was to get teachers to prevent disaster risks at school and train them on psycho-social care of affected children. Prior to the training, HOPE’87-Burundi conducted an evaluation on the impact of the training in the schools where teachers were better off than schools without trained staff. The project involved the training of 40 teachers, over 50% of whom were women, in addition to the 70 teachers who were already trained in 2014. The training ended with a distribution of books, tools and certificates given to participants in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Education and UNICEF.

Project Type

Development Project, Education

Project Duration







Communities Butere, Kamenge and Kinama; Bujumbura