The aim of the project was to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and its ways of transmission among the 10,300 inhabitants of the rural community of Medina Cherif, region Kolda in southern Senegal, thus improving the sexual and productive health of the target population significantly. Awareness campaigns, the promotion of voluntary HIV-tests, social mobilisation, capacity building of the staff of the municipal health care and the financial support of HIV/AIDS patients drastically decreased the prevalence rate. One of the key elements of the success of the projects was the commitment of the grassroots organisation ‘Union General des Comites Villageois de Developpement’ (UGCVD), which supported the staff of the municipal health care, the midwives and the nurses with capacity building as well as in the coordination with the national health authorities.

Project Background: 

Senegal is situated in the outermost west of the African continent at the Atlantic Ocean. in 2012, the Human Development Index, which analyses health, education and income of the population, ranked Senegal as the 154th out of 187 countries. Problems such as poverty, food insecurity, lack of primary education and maternal and infant mortality are prevalent. Thus, HOPE’87 in collaboration with its technical and financial partners and in its mission to support the development programme of the State of Senegal continues to support the initiatives of people in its various operational areas in Senegal to fight poverty. Specifically, HOPE’87 is involved in the education of the youth and women, the promotion of gender equality, the fight against food insecurity in rural areas and against maternal and infant mortality as well as the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Project Type

Development Project, Health

Project Duration

01/12/2013 to 30/11/2015






Medina Cherif, Region Kolda


Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), ADRA Austria, HOPE'87