The road rehabilitation project NR6, funded by the U.S. government, constituted a major innovation in terms of policy and implementation of road infrastructure in Senegal. The project as a whole represented a vision of development planning to create structural investment in an area with great potential for economic development through the creation of new employment opportunities for the local community. Nevertheless, a project of this magnitude covering a distance of more than 100km from Ziguinchor to Tanaff has an – often underestimated – impact on local communities, especially those living near the construction sites. Since the road rehabilitation project was indeed affecting not only property rights but also causing people’s displacement, a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) has been developed in accordance with the operational policy of the World Bank on Involuntary Resettlement. Current figures show that at least 1,730 people are adversely directly affected by the road rehabilitation project, either through agriculture-related losses (land rights problems, property disputes, etc.), loss of business places or loss of habitat. In order to mitigate local communities’ risks upfront, the Millennium Challenge Account Senegal decided to start with the implementation of resettlement measures in accordance to the Resettlement Action Plan, including reconstruction of agricultural means of production. This community rehabilitation project was entrusted to HOPE’87-Senegal and its local partner RADI. 

Activities established and strengthened the development of local market gardens for the production of fruits and vegetables for selling at local community markets (including equipment, technical capacity management and maintenance). The mission was to ensure good quality gardening plots and to provide technical and organisational support to the beneficiaries, always in regard to sustainable development. The second lot of the contract aimed to support non-agricultural income generating activities of 553 people affected by the road construction project financed by MCA Senegal. The planned scheme responded to both the economic as well as the social needs of the communities. It enabled men and women to participate in and profit from new business and employment opportunities.

Project Type

Development Project, Other social infrastructure and services

Project Duration

01/07/2014 to 30/09/2015






from Ziguinchor to Tanaff


MCA Senegal