The aim of this project, which is financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), is to provide essential food and non-food assistance to Ukrainian refugees, especially women, boys and girls in all their diversity in the cities of Balti, Falesti and Chisinau.

The project “Support to Ukrainian refugees, mainly women, boys and girls in the Republic of Moldova” started in May 2022 and has supported over 8,000 individuals, of whom 42 % are women aged 18-60, 25% are children aged 0-14, 18 % are young people aged 14-18 and 15% are senior citizens or men. The beneficiaries received essential food, including ready meals, fruits, milk and fruit juices, daily hygiene items and antibiotics as well as school supplies. Since February 2023, Ukrainian refugees have been provided with approximately 1,480 portions of prepared food, milk and fruit juices every day by our local partner organisation Speranta 87. Hygiene products were issued once per refugee.

Our gratitude goes to the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) who is generously financing this humanitarian aid project for Ukrainian refugees in the Republic of Moldova!

Project Type

Humanitarian Aid

Project Duration

01/05/2022 to 31/08/2023






Chisinau, Bălți and Falesti


Austrian Development Agency (ADA)