The goal of this project is to promote gender equality in the Republic of Moldova through creating gender-sensitive education online tools, such as online informative lectures dedicated to gender equality issues, including stereotypes, feminism, discrimination, sexual harassment or youth leadership. These online informative lectures where then uploaded to YouTube in order to be used by all interested persons. Furthermore, the project helped to strengthen the capacity of school teachers to use online tools.

Through the establishment of online informative lectures, the project contributed to raising awareness on gender-related issues and helped provide access to IT tools, which is especially important for the empowerment of women and girls, giving them access to knowledge and information of importance to their productive, reproductive and community roles, as well as forming skills how to better apply the knowledge in professional and personal development. As gender equality is inextricably linked to the right to education for all, it also ensures that girls and boys gain access to education and complete their education cycles and are empowered equally in and through education, which is essential for individuals with the necessary competencies to enter the labour market in a competitive economy.

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UNESCO, Green Nations and the National Commission of the Republic of Moldova, HOPE'87