FAI Maternal Health Prevention and Improvement Project in Medina Chérif (Phase III)

The FAI health post, part of the Kolda health district health map, was built in 2009 by the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need and its partner Dr Siegfried Axtmann of Fly Ambulance International (FAI) in the community of Médina Chérif, Kolda, Senegal. With the presence of technical staff assigned by the State of Senegal, the Médina Chérif FAI health post serves nearly 8,000 direct beneficiaries, including 5,000 women of reproductive age, and is a focal point for women from the surrounding communities.

In 2022, the maternity ward has been upgraded with ultrasound equipment and a laboratory to enable the midwife to carry out ultrasounds and blood tests on site. Now, regular specific antenatal care is provided there to pregnant women in a welcoming environment, including ultrasound examinations and blood tests. This has made it possible to detect high-risk pregnancies in time and thus reduce emergency evacuations to the Kolda regional hospital. The center has also contributed to fewer home births and improved the maternal health of women in the community of Medina Chérif.

In addition, education sessions are held on the importance of antenatal and postnatal check-ups, family planning and vaccination of children under five against the target diseases of the expanded vaccination programme (tetanus, tuberculosis, hepatitis, measles and yellow fever). Moreover, with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the health staff of the FAI health post has implemented a programme to raise awareness about hygienic measures and to strengthen immunisation activities against COVID-19.

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Project Duration

01/03/2022 to 28/02/2023






Médina Chérif, Kolda


YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need through Flight Ambulance International (FAI), HOPE'87