In order to enable the young children of Hriphi village to attend school and to get the necessary skills to build their future, this project aims to build a new, disaster resilient brick school building, which is adapted to the children’s need and will offer enough space for more students to come in the future. Throughout the project, 120 beneficiary children will get access to inclusive and quality education through daily school classes in a supportive environment.

Furthermore, this project aims to save lives through providing access to basic health care for the villagers, especially children and pregnant women, by building a small health post and providing medical materials, equipment and instruments. The health post staff will also train mothers and pregnant women in hygiene and health care.

Project Type

Education, Health

Project Duration

01/06/2024 to 30/09/2025






village of Hriphi, community of Thantlang, Chin State


YOU Foundation - Education for Children in Need, HOPE'87