Rural community capacity building in social sectors for poverty reduction

In July 2011, HOPE’87 launched the revitalization of its Professional Training Centre at Nabelin. This new stage allowed the training of 2,000 young people (boys and girls). These training activities included dressmaking courses, welding, mechanics of motorbikes and cars, agriculture and livestock farming. HOPE’87 was supported by the Burkina Faso Ministry for Professional Training, Youth and Employment.

During the project period, the following activities took place: building and equipping of workshops and classrooms, recruitment of the technical training staff and administrative staff, setting up the different courses of study and training modules in partnership with appropriate authorities, identifying and selecting of young people to be trained, starting training courses in all the courses of study.

The implementation of this project continued with the professional training of girls and boys in agriculture and dressmaking courses. In agriculture, trainings were about gardening and agricultural techniques with topics related to the fertilization of garden areas and fields using organic compost (manure) and topics related to water and garden management. The professional dressmaking trainings allowed the strengthening of technical capacities of the girls from the Komki-Ipala community. These trainings were specially dedicated to teaching techniques of African dress types, size and model.

Project Background: 

Activities of HOPE’87 in Burkina Faso were centered around two major factors. These are, firstly, the general food and nutritional crisis in Burkina Faso, which was due to the very bad rain period in 2011 and secondly, the influx of more than 100,000 refugees from Mali to the Sahel region in Burkina Faso. All actions that have taken place aim to ensure the security and dignity of humans living in Burkina Faso. Moreover, these actions help lay a basis for adapting to climate change, especially as they are supported by training and strengthening abilities of the rural population.

Project Type

Development Project, Education

Project Duration

01/07/2011 to 31/12/2013




Burkina Faso


Region of Centre, Rural District of Komki-Ipala


UNESCO Foundation, BVMW, HOPE'87