The Chittagong Hill Tracts comprises three remote hill districts – namely Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari, where people find themselves confronted with diverse socio-economic problems. In light of the situation in the Chittagang Hill Tracts, HOPE’87 took this project into its hands in June 2008 and implemented some effective initiatives in order to ensure the livelihood security of the most vulnerable people of the community and to improve the socio-economic situation of the beneficiaries. Activities included needs-based training, the establishment of training centres, extensive mobilisation of the beneficiaries, support for physically challenged people for medical treatment, rehabilitation and initial financial support for income generating activities, enabling the community to become self-employed and reach economical sustainability. The above-mentioned initiatives were divided into four sub-projects and were implemented by HOPE’87 through its Partner NGOs, namely Young Power in Social Action (YPSA), Humanitarian Foundation and PROKAS.


Project Type

Development Project, Other social infrastructure and services

Project Duration

06/01/2008 to 06/01/2010






Chittagong Hill Tracts


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