The association Barmherzigkeit International has been contributing for years in supporting HOPE’87 activities in Burkina Faso. Past interventions have efficiently supported the education of children from rural areas in Burkina Faso. The projects have focussed on the thematic areas of alphabetisation and bilingual education (French and one of the local national languages). Since the beginning of 2015, Barmherzigkeit International’s contribution has been dedicated to nutrition education of mothers of children aged 6-23 months in the Komsilga community.

These nutritional trainings give women the knowledge needed to prevent malnutrition of their children. To illustrate this point, children’s meals are cooked during the training sessions with local farm products. By the end of September 2015, 465 women with their 163 kids from 6-23 months, benefited from training on nine different topics regarding nutrition education.

Project Type

Development Project, Education

Project Duration

01/01/2015 to 31/12/2016




Burkina Faso


Rural district of Komsilga, Province of Kadiogo


Barmherzigkeit International, HOPE'87