HOPE’87 completed its first ECHO-funded project in Tehsil Charbagh of the District Swat by 30th April, 2010. The main highlights of the project were as follows:

Water Supply Scheme Rehabilitation:

Approximately 1,782 meters of piped water supply were identified as in need of rehabilitation which was then completed successfully. Water storage equipment was distributed to a total of 4,200 families.

Rehabilitated sanitation facilities:

A total of 216 latrines (160 community and private latrines and 56 school latrines) were rehabilitated.

Improved hygiene practices:

A total of 4,200 families received basic hygiene kits. A total of 840 people (including teachers, line departments’ representatives and IOM field staff) were trained in hygiene promotion – out of the total number of participants, 768 worked as mobile trainers. These 768 mobile trainers visited 4,200 beneficiaries 4 times over 5 months to train and follow up with families on hygiene practices. A special hygiene promotion IEC leaflet was developed and 8,400 copies were distributed among beneficiaries. Two types of hygiene promotion posters were developed and copies were placed in public places and in schools for wider hygiene information dissemination.

Project Type

Humanitarian Aid, Reconstruction, relief and rehabilitation

Project Duration

30/06/2011 to 31/07/2012






District Muzaffargarh, Province Punjab