Earthquake experts fear that nearly 40% of all buildings in Dhaka area will be seriously damaged, if a major earthquake ranging from 7 to 7.9 magnitude hits the city. On the other hand, UNDP-CHTDF and GOB declared officially that the Chittagong Hill Tracts region is a zone where earthquakes are very likely. Modern technologies and mass awareness might reduce the losses caused by natural disasters like earthquakes. In light of this fact, HOPE’87-Bangladesh organised disaster and earthquake awareness campaigns and First Aid and rescue trainings for students and young people from different schools and communities on a regular basis. In order to draw awareness to this campaign, HOPE’87-Bangladesh printed and distributed posters, leaflets and pocket cards with necessary messages and instructions regarding earthquake awareness and preparedness. Furthermore, cooperation with the fire service and civil defence department of the government was intensified.

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Humanitarian Aid, Disaster prevention and preparedness

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Bandarban Hill District in Chittagong Hills District, Dhaka District