The National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO and HOPE’87 Moldova are reaching out to the children in the Republic of Moldova, contributing to the quality education being accessible there. The project aim is to ensure medical, psycho-social and nutritional care for children that are suffering from tuberculosis in Kindergarten 110 in Chisinau.

The results of the project are as follows:

To create favourable conditions for the protection of life and the children’s health of those suffering from tuberculosis.

To increase the quality of education for children with tuberculosis. This includes strengthening their knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, and promoting a culture of healthy nutrition, personal hygiene and environmental protection of children.

To improve the children’s physical conditions.

Repairing and sanitizing toilets and food blocks are not only necessary for creating favourable conditions, but it also helps decrease the number of children getting sick. Parents can contribute to their child’s kindergarten life and workers can provide necessary nutrition and sanitary management for the children. To increase the quality of education for such children, teachers are being trained and specialized to work with children that have tuberculosis. Again, nutrition, health, hygiene and environmental protection are emphasized in the classes. Finally, if the children’s physical conditions can be improved, they can transfer into a normal kindergarten class. Kindergarten attendance would increase, children would switch from a special diet to a normal diet, and the overall educational level would increase.

UNESCO and HOPE’87 continue to do their work in this region, bringing quality education and emphasis to the importance of health and nutrition to children exposed with tuberculosis.

Project Type

Development Project, Education, Environment, Health

Project Duration

01/06/2018 to 31/05/2019








YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need, HOPE'87