A free of charge health camp was held every Monday, giving medical check-ups to various patients, mostly to women, children, physically challenged and aged people in Dhaka City. After the check-up, the patients got free treatments, free medicine and a prescription from the doctor, if needed. Occasionally, specialist doctors, such as gynaecologists, orthopaedics, eye specialists and dermatologists visited the camp. The camp started in 1998 and since then was 677 weeks in service, providing free health care to 31,980 patients. Additionally, to this camp, two mobile camps were organised in 2013, one in Dhaka and one in Barguna District, to provide rural people with free medicine and medical advice. Furthermore, 15 wheel-chairs were distributed to physically challenged persons.

Project Background: 

Bangladesh gained its independence in 1971 and became a democratic country on the border to India and Myanmar. Its economy is primarily based on agriculture, fishing and the textile industry. Being one of the most disaster-stricken countries in the world, the country also faced a high number of man-made disasters in the last decade where thousands of human lives were lost due to building fires, building collapses and accidents. The HOPE’87-Bangladesh Country Office was established in 1990 and has focused on supporting specific target groups such as disabled children, orphans, working children, unemployed youth and indigenous people. Within the reporting period, remarkable activities such as youth skills training, income generation, health care support, primary mass education, emergency response, youth development and international exchange have been carried out. Special attention is given to humanitarian aid in disaster situations (cyclone and man-made disasters). All the interventions are implemented in close cooperation with the local community and partner organizations.

Project Type

Development Project, Health

Project Duration

Since 1998






Jurain, Old Dhaka City


Foundation UNESCO – Education for Children in Need, HOPE'87