The “Institute for Oncology of Moldova” was founded in 1960 and is, to date, the only hospital in the country that offers specific cancer treatment for children suffering from malignant tumours. The building of the Department of Haematology at the Institute of Oncology of Moldova was constructed in 1966, and since then has been poorly maintained and never renovated due to the bad economic situation in the country. Each year, around 3,380 patients are treated in the Department of Haematology and 150-160 children suffering from malignant tumours receive treatment in the Institute of Oncology. Today the institute is no longer able to meet the requirements of a modern Republic of Moldova Chisinau medical centre where patients – especially children – and their families are given access to adequate medical treatment, psychological support and ongoing education during the hospitalisation.

This project of HOPE’87, implemented in cooperation with the National Commission for UNESCO and the Government of Moldova, aimed at solving this problem by creating seminal training opportunities for social workers and medical personnel working with children with malignant tumours, in order to improve their know-how and to enhance their chances on the labour market. Medical and psychological staff of the Institute of Oncology received three to six months of specialised training regarding the care for children with malignant tumours and allogeneic as well as autologous bone marrow transplantation procedures. This took place at the St. Anna Paediatric Hospital Vienna and the Institute for Oncology in Temesvar (Romania).

Furthermore, facilities for adequate medical treatment were provided, and continuous educational and psychological support for children and young people was made available in order to facilitate their reintegration into school and social life after finishing the treatment process.

This programme was implemented with the generous support of the Austrian Development Cooperation, UNESCO, the St. Anna Paediatric Hospital Vienna, the Institute for Oncology in Temesvar (Romania), City of Vienna and the Gigax Foundation.

Project Type

Development Project, Health

Project Duration

01/08/2010 to 31/03/2013