The aim of this project was to reinforce the capacity of four target groups of women in the region of Cascade (provinces Comoe and Leraba) in the rural sector to fight against malnutrition. The four target groups were women of childbearing age, pregnant women, nursing mothers and women with children under five. To reach these target groups, HOPE’87, with financial support from the City of Vienna, carried out trainings for women, which have contributed to reduce the level of malnutrition within the population of the target region. Furthermore children below the age of five years were supported by a series of malnutrition screening activities. Altogether 1,260 women received capacity building trainings.

Project Background: 

Burkina Faso is strongly affected by the food crisis, which causes food shortages and malnutrition especially in rural areas in the western regions. HOPE’87 carried out various activities in the country in order to fight against malnutrition of women and children.

Project Type

Development Project, Health

Project Duration

01/08/2010 to 31/07/2011




Burkina Faso


Region of Cascade, Province of Comoe and Leraba, Banfora and Sindou


City of Vienna, HOPE'87