Enhancing medical care in the Moyenne Casamance

The 24th of March 2011 was a day of joy for the population of the newly created rural community Médina Chérif, situated about 80 km to the East of the city of Kolda on the road towards Tambacounda. In presence of the donor, Dr Siegfried Axtmann, President of the German FAI (Flight Ambulance International), his wife Ingeborg and Mr Volker Lemke, Director Marketing of FAI, the first health post, entirely financed by FAI and established by HOPE’87-Senegal was inaugurated. The ceremony was also attended by UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr Ute Ohoven, Chiara Ohoven and the Managing Director of the UNESCO Foundation-Education for Children in Need, Mr. Thomas Goesmann.

Serving about 13,000 inhabitants of this region, the health post (“poste de santé”) ensures basic medical care, provision of medication and health care, especially for mothers and new-born babies. This medical infrastructure added to a range of activities implemented by HOPE’87-Senegal in its long-term programme for poverty alleviation in the project area covering about 120 km2.

During the first two months of the trial operation already 16 women gave birth in this medical infrastructure equipped with two patient’s rooms. Mr. Abdou Khoudous Niang, Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Health, who presided the opening ceremony, called the health post a “pearl in the region” and expressed the gratitude of the Government of Senegal to the donor and to HOPE’87.

HOPE’87 wishes to express its gratitude to the donor, Dr Siegfried Axtmann and the FAI-company as well as to the UNESCO Foundation-Education for Children in Need for the confidence and support received.

Project Type

Development Project, Construction

Project Duration

01/11/2010 to 31/12/2012






Moyenne Casamance


Foundation UNESCO – Education for Children in Need, Flight Ambulance International (FAI), HOPE'87