The main goal of this project is to preserve traditional agricultural practices of rural communities and encourage cultural expression in the agricultural sector in order to make them available to the younger generation, promote an inter-generational dialogue and prepare recommendations for a win-win solution that on the one hand preserves cultural traditions and on the other hand improves local governance.

In specific, the project contributes to the analysis of actual opportunities to preserve and encourage local cultural traditions in the field of traditional animal breeding practices, the facilitation of public activities such as education, trainings, public lections and presentations on relevant case-studies of the field as well as to more efficient local governance and regional and local cooperation through the compilation of proposals and recommendations for further cultural development based on gender, environmental, research and educational issues.

The beneficiaries of this project are the local public, including especially vulnerable groups of the population (youth, women, elderly people etc.), civil society, sectoral authorities, rural communities and private households, universities, colleges, research institutions and museums and the Ministry of Culture as well as  relevant NGOs dealing with the matter of cultural conservation.

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National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO, HOPE'87