The project “Color your DREAM” will set up two children arts centres in the night school premises in Dhaka district, Bangladesh.

The Night Schools are an innovative way of giving child labourers in their free time in the evening the opportunity to study, relax, have a meal, to wash themselves, get medical help and – simply be a child! For this purpose, regular schools that are empty in the evening and at night are rented and run as night schools by HOPE’87 Bangladesh.

In each centre, the children concerned can learn to paint, do handicrafts while learning and make handmade dolls, kites, flowers, birds, animals, trees, and other decorative objects out of papier-mâché.

Target groups of this project are 200 students of the HOPE Night Schools (pre-schooling to class V), i.e. a.) disadvantaged children (aged 5-18 years) and their family in Old Dhaka City, who are from extreme poor families (e.g. of slum areas) or even without families, and thus deprived of their basic needs, b) children who are engaged in child-labour or susceptible to be engaged in child-labour and c) children who have limited access to education, never went to school, have dropped out or are susceptible to drop out soon.

Project Type


Project Duration

01/05/2024 to 30/04/2025






Dhaka District


You Foundation through Viareggio Carnevale Society, HOPE'87