Educational and cultural caravan (ECC) for capacity buildingof rural women and members of associations of women's organizations

From October 2012 to September 2013, HOPE’87-Mali focused its activities on the capacity building of women who were members of women’s development organizations. With support from the Participation Program 2012-2013 of UNESCO, HOPE’87-Mali and the rural district of Finkolo have strengthened the capacities of 30 women’s organizations. This project enabled each women’s association to be well-trained in administration, management and implementation of development projects. The project also resulted in the development of 30 action plans to implement activities concerning the support of women, youth and children. Moreover, information and awareness campaigns were conducted on seven themes: (1) Child labour and trafficking, (2) Forced marriage, (3) HIV-AIDS, (4) Education of girls, (5) Teenage pregnancy and young mothers in school, (6) Malaria, (7) Gender and gender equality in development. These themes are related to the problems of development in the project area, and the campaigns as well as workshops reduced adverse effects on the beneficiaries of the project.

Mali is considered one of the world’s poorest nations. Its economy is based on mining, the production of agricultural commodities, livestock and fish. The country faces numerous environmental challenges such as deforestation, desertification and soil erosion. Due to the lack of rain, draughts often affect the population. Moreover, poverty and inadequate hygiene sanitation are common among the population. Therefore, HOPE’87 has been trying to improve the living conditions of the poor population in the southwest of Mali (Region of Sikasso).

Project Type

Development Project

Project Duration

01/10/2012 to 30/09/2013






Circle of Sikasso/Kénédougou Province


UNESCO Participation Programme, HOPE'87