This project was implemented by United Teams – the strategic alliance of the YOU Foundation and HOPE’87 in partnership with the local NGO HOPE’87-Burkina Faso and the rural community of Finkolo in Mali.

Drinking water is not sufficiently available in villages in Mali. The municipality of Finkolo is no exception to this fact and the village of Sanoukoro had real problems in meeting the drinking water needs of the entire population of the village. Thanks to the support from the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need, the village of Sanoukoro benefited from a borehole equipped with a manual pump in May 2023. The borehole drilled is complete with a manual pump, a coping, a fence, a canal and a cesspool.

The implementation of the project helped increase access to safe drinking water for 400 people in Mali (SDGs 1, 3 and 6) through the provision of safe drinking water and rational and sustainable management of the borehole through the establishment and training of a water committee. In addition, the project helped to protect 150 students aged 7 to 15 from accidents due to road insecurity as these students had to cross the road to access a water source on the other side of the international trunk road connecting Burkina Faso and Mali.

Project Type

Water and Sanitation

Project Duration

01/09/2022 to 31/08/2023






Région of Sikasso, Circle of Sikasso, District of Finkolo, village of Sanoukoro


United Teams – the strategic alliance of the YOU Foundation and HOPE'87