Water is still considered a rare commodity in Burkina Faso. The fact that the country belongs to the Sahelian region means that water is not available for the entire population throughout the year. In the city of Koloko, access to drinking water is not sufficiently available for the entire population. The problem is even more serious in the new districts where there are no hydraulic infrastructures, which means that the water needs of the populations are not satisfied. The Kôkô district, which literally means “behind the backwater”, is one of the areas where having drinking water is almost impossible. Populations, especially women and young girls, are forced to travel distances of several kilometres to obtain drinking water. It is to put an end to all these difficulties that HOPE’87 Burkina Faso together with its partners have drilled this borehole to provide sustainable access to drinking water to the populations of the Kôkô district of Koloko. A total of 150 households will be served by this new drinking water point and more than 1,050 people will get access drinking water. For sustainability, a drilling management committee has been set up, which has received all the necessary training for the management of the water point. Furthermore, two young local agents in the district have been trained to carry out the missions of preventing breakdowns and those related to their repair and thus guarantee the durability of this new hydraulic structure.

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Water and sanitation

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Burkina Faso


Koloko (Burkina Faso)


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