Nabi Gul, an Afghan refugee father of 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) was injured in a bomb blast in Peshawar in 2006. With poor and limited access to treatments Nabi’s health deteriorated to the extent that he is unable to work now. Two of his boys aged 15 and 6 started working to support the family.

Ahmed the 6 years old boy started multiple jobs, working as a street vendor selling food snacks and helping in a tailor’s shop. “I love going to school and getting education but my dad is unwell and he is not able to pay my school fee.”, said Ahmed.

Ahmed was enrolled in a low-cost private school through an education voucher scheme. He is one of the 1,775 Afghan out of school children (850 girls) benefitting from the “Education Voucher scheme” in district Peshawar with the support of European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). The education voucher is redeemable at low-cost partner private schools of HOPE’87 and covers school fees and basic educational supplies like bags, books, uniforms and shoes.

Ahmed continues to support his family, working after school hours. “When I grow up and become successful, I’ll help the needy people”, says the hopeful and ambitious Ahmed.