On April 6th , the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace is celebrated to recognise the positive role of sport and physical activity in communities and in people’s lives around the World.

In Senegal, HOPE’87 is implementing the “0 : 0 = everyone wins at sport in Casamance” project, which aims to „revolutionise” sport in rural areas. 

In the rural communities of Mampatim and Medina Chérif, in the south of Senegal, which have a population of over 40,000, a multifunctional sports ground for football, handball and volleyball will be built and equipped, as adequate sports infrastructure is almost totally lacking. 

Training sessions will enable sportsmen and women to familiarise themselves with international rules and sporting methodology, and awareness-raising activities will present sport as a means of ensuring social cohesion and peaceful cohabitation between the two ethnic groups living there, the Peuls (Fulbe) and the Mandingues (Mandinka). In addition to the training, competitions will be organised to promote peace and security between the communities.

HOPE’87 would like to thank the Austrian Federal Ministry for the Arts, Culture, Public Services and Sport for funding this project!