The project „The traditional tree Umuhivu in the fight against poverty and climate change”, which began in April 2023, is continuing to implement its activities to help protect the environment and reduce poverty in northern Burundi.

From its inception, this project has had the full support of the authorities and the population, who have welcomed the project with open arms. The HOPE’87-Burundi team, the beneficiaries and, above all, the administrative authorities have all worked tirelessly to ensure that the activities run smoothly.

In recent months, HOPE87 Burundi, in collaboration with the authorities in the north and the provincial department of agriculture and livestock (DPAE Kirundo) and with support of the local association Duhindure Ingendo, chose the hills on which to set up the Umuhivu tree nurseries and purchased all the necessary materials for their setup.

Furthermore, environmental community clubs have been created and training session have been organised, with a focus on environmental education, sustainable development and awareness-raising. The whole team implementing this project has noted that all institutions, among them the authorities, schools, colleges, universities, social and cultural clubs, professional circles as well as families, are deeply concerned by the issue of sustainable development.

The entire HOPE’87 Burundi team continues to express its gratitude to the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need and the Deutsche Postcode Lottery for funding this project!