In the cross-border region of Burkina Faso and Mali, HOPE’87, in cooperation with UNESCO, launched the cultural project “Discovering the Senoufo Culinary Art in the Context of Nutrition, Health and Local Economy” with the aim of preserving, protecting and passing on the local know-how of the Senoufo cultural heritage to younger generations.

The project carried out various activities, such as village trainings and research workshops on Senoufo cooking in Mali and Burkina Faso, as well as an exhibition of kitchen utensils to give visitors an overview of the entire Senoufo food preparation process. During these activities, participants from Mali and Burkina Faso contributed greatly to the debates.

Through its various activities, the project contributed to social cohesion and peace-building in the cross-border region of Burkina Faso and Mali, and led to an enhancement of the Senoufo cultural heritage, with a particular focus on the preservation of their cooking skills. It also highlighted the fact that this cooking art can contribute to improving the nutrition of children and adults and thus to the development of the local economy.

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