Within the last year, HOPE’87 in cooperation with the YOU-Foundation – Education for Children in Need carried out its activities regarding integrated cross-border sustainable development in Burkina Faso and Mali. This includes securing vulnerable households’ production means in urban and peri-urban areas and increasing their income for social development in order to assist the populations of the two countries with the improvement of their living conditions. The activities implemented through this project, which started its activities in April 2019, contribute to integrated rural development based on support for agricultural and livestock activities that constitute the sources of income generation for the majority of the population. Throughout the project, a modern farm for training small-scale male and female poultry farmers was established so that their income has diversified and increased thanks to continuous training on breeding techniques, including the establishment, start-up and growth, care, feeding and health monitoring of laying hens. Furthermore, a cross-border partnership has been established between the two organisations in Burkina Faso and Mali with two local veterinary practices as well as with two chicken suppliers. A point of sale of poultry inputs has also been opened within the farm school of Heremakono, which helps to make food and livestock equipment available to small farmers.