In the office of the head of the department and the only paediatric microsurgeon in Moldova – Anatolii Vladimirovici – we learned many interesting things about the unique doctors who work in Chisinau Children’s Hospital No. 3 and take special care of the war children from Ukraine.

“The refugees from Ukraine are a great tragedy and a great misfortune. After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine on February 24, a large number of refugees poured into our hospital – we treated 40-50 children a day. Today, thank God, there are fewer,” says the head of the department.

In this department of traumatology and microsurgery, the doctors recently performed surgery on six children from Ukraine. They had already received treatment in various cities in Ukraine and were supposed to return there for check-ups, but then the war broke out and they fled… and so they were admitted to the “Ignatenco Children’s Hospital” for treatment…. Needless to say, how grateful and happy the mothers of the little Ukrainians were.

Many of the refugee children from Ukraine suffer from war-related traumas, which the doctors in the department counter with a kind word, a joke or a child’s toy. The children then open up and start happily reciting poems and singing songs in Ukrainian.

“We try very hard to surround them with love, care and comfort,” says the head of the department. He is sure that sooner or later the flow of refugees with children from Ukraine to Moldova will subside. “I want the river of human sorrow, which overflowed its banks, to return to its course and peaceful life to take the place of human suffering. I wish peace and health to all, and as a doctor, I hope to help as many children as possible.”