Fighting waste in Africa

This waste management project started its activities in February 2021 and will last for a period of 11 months, until December 2021. It follows the first plastic waste recycling project executed in Heremakono (Mali) and Koloko (Burkina Faso) and is implemented by UNITED-TEAMS – the strategic alliance of the YOU STIFTUNG and HOPE'87.

Plastic into school tables: a recycling project in Mali and Burkina Faso

Managing plastic waste in poor countries like Mali and Burkina Faso remains a top priority, as it improves the populations’ living conditions and their development. This first plastic waste recycling project for HOPE'87 Burkina Faso was not easy in its implementation due to arising difficulties in the technique of recycling plastic waste. Thus, a technique that mainstreams environment protection throughout its process was implemented, which was an opportunity for the project to wipe out polluting activities and boost the positive effects of waste recycling.

Healthy lifestyle starts in a kindergarten (TBC Kindergarten)

The National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO and HOPE'87 Moldova are reaching out to the children in the Republic of Moldova, contributing to the quality education being accessible there. The project aim is to ensure medical, psycho-social and nutritional care for children that are suffering from tuberculosis in Kindergarten 110 in Chisinau.

The results of the project are as follows:

To create favourable conditions for the protection of life and the children's health of those suffering from tuberculosis.

Young Burundian Leaders Network and environment

The Young Burundian Leaders Network, with the support of the ministries of Labour, Higher Education, Elementary Education as well as the American Embassy, has developed an annual "Career Fair", a unique opportunity for young people's better future prospects. It served as a place to get in touch with employees and employers from different organisations, educational institutions, NGOs and private enterprises.

Improving income and living conditions in rural areas of eastern Khatlon through natural resource management and habitat improvement

One of the leading objectives of this HOPE’87 project was to establish an enhanced natural resource management system including improved energy efficiency and local environmental rehabilitation. According to the goals of sustainable development and environmental protection, local cooperation between different stakeholders such as government departments, NGOs and local authorities had been strengthened to offer information and skills training to the local population regarding the implementation of thermal insulation, safe drinking water and sanitary facilities and fuel-efficient stoves.