Mobile School, Chittagong

With donations from the readers of the German newspaper “Recklinghäuser Zeitung” during the newspaper’s Christmas campaign, HOPE’87 was able to organize a “Mobile School” for underpriviledged children in Bangladesh. This exceptional school was located in a bus equipped with school benches and a black board, offering space for 40 pupils. The bus moved around between seven places in Chittagong City between 7:30am and 9pm every day except Fridays to pick up students for a few hours of primary education classes.

Children & sports programme

Playing and sports facilities are rare in Bangladesh, where rapid urbanization and overpopulation result in a constant lack of space, especially in the big cities. Those schools that have sport grounds most often lack the necessary equipment. Furthermore, the fact that hardly any urban children know how to swim in a country as full with rivers as Bangladesh leads to an increased death toll among children due to drowning.

Kinderlachen für Peru

The aim of the HOPE’87 project in Peru was to create an atmosphere of close cooperation and exchange within the local community of “24 de Diciembre”, located in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima/Peru) and to improve the quality of life of young children under the age of 5. To achieve this goal, various initiatives were conducted with great support from educational institutions and local authorities. During the implementation process progress was made, especially in the area of awareness raising regarding the vital role of professional childcare and early education practice.

Integrated project to fight poverty in the suburbs of Dakar

The second phase of this project started in June 2012. This phase included the construction of the four remaining classrooms in the public primary school in Parcelles Assainies Unité 10 Dakar, as well as the equipment of the computer room in the public primary school in Parcelles Assainies Unité 24 Dakar.

Renovation of the Tesfa Ligos Kindergarten

Tesfa Ligos Kindergarten in Kirkos was founded in 2004 through an initiative of community members. The project was implemented by HOPE’87 and Godanaw and construction expenditure was covered by the UNESCO Foundation and HOPE’87 respectively. Despite great efforts of the school administration, local government and non-governmental organisations, the kindergarten has been facing various challenges in addressing the rising demand for quality child education in the area.

No future without education, health and employment

Implemented jointly in Kénédougou in Burkina Faso and in Sikasso in Mali, this UNESCO-funded multi-country project, which started in November 2008, aimed at improving the living conditions of the rural population in the two project countries. Emphasis was placed on education for children, water supply and improvement of hygiene and sanitation. The project consisted of 3 phases. The first phase, which was completed in May 2009, focused on water supply and the furnishing of existing primary schools in the area.

Milon Night School for Street Children

To keep children safe and reintegrate them into the community, HOPE’87 initiated an education programme for underprivileged working and street children. The project aimes at providing basic education to Bangladeshi children who due to their living conditions - street kids and working kids - would regularly not be able to go to school. To this purpose a night school was established which uses locally available resources. At the beginning, 300 street children were selected from Old Dhaka City to attend evening classes in the “Night School”.

"Kinderhilfe für Burundi": Support for school age children and youth in Kivoga

All phase I activities were completed in December 2012, resulting in a primary school with 8 classes equipped with school furniture. Moreover, a directorate, a store and a large refectory with a kitchen equipped with tables, chairs and big stoves were set up in the school. The kitchen is connected to the water network, and a latrine block for girls and another one for boys was provided.

Professional training of youth in Nabelin (Phase I + II)

In July 2011, HOPE’87 launched the revitalization of its Professional Training Centre at Nabelin. This new stage allowed the training of 2,000 young people (boys and girls). These training activities included dressmaking courses, welding, mechanics of motorbikes and cars, agriculture and livestock farming. HOPE’87 was supported by the Burkina Faso Ministry for Professional Training, Youth and Employment.

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Skill training for employment creation

The ETSEP project has been the asset of the local community and the partner NGO TOYMU since the very start. Its goals consisted of skills training in various trades provided for the unemployed tribal young men and women in the very remote area of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Two residential training centres were set up in the sub-districts of Ruma and Thanchi with the necessary training equipment and furniture.