"I grow healthy: support for the KG in Chirsovo"

UNESCO NatCom and HOPE'87 Moldova are working within the Republic of Moldova to contribute to quality and inclusive early childhood education. The project objective is to support the socio-psychological development of preschooler children, especially those with special needs, in Kindergarten 1 "Sunny".

Equal opportunities in sport

UNESCO NatCom and HOPE'87 Moldova are working to create equal opportunities in sports and recreational activities for children in the Republic of Moldova. The overall aim is to ensure the possibility of children (including those with special needs) to enjoy and engage in sports and recreational activities in a safe and healthy environment.

Healthy lifestyle starts in a kindergarten (TBC Kindergarten)

UNESCO NatCom and HOPE'87 Moldova are reaching out to the children in the Republic of Moldova, contributing to the quality education being accessible there. The project aim is to ensure medical, psycho-social and nutritional care for children that are suffering from tuberculosis in Kindergarten 110 in Chisinau.

The results of the project are as follows:

To create favorable conditions for the protection of life and the children's health of those suffering from tuberculosis.

Community-led Education Opportunities in Pakistan (CEOP)

HOPE'87 and Elementary Secondary Education Foundation (ESEF) are teaming up to provide educational opportunities in Pakistan. This project is being implemented in 7 target districts in Pakistan for 24 months. The overall objective is to give marginalized out-of-school children, especially girls, access to quality educational opportunities in safe learning environments throughout communities in Pakistan. The goal is to increase the number of girls enrolled and reduce the drop-out rate in the supported communities across the 7 seven districts.

Blogger training in Baraka

The overall program “Construction of the Cité Baraka” was set up by the YOU Foundation-Education for Children in Need in cooperation with the worldwide construction company ORASCOM. The main objective was to transform “Baraka”, a slum area in the district Liberté VI in Dakar and home to about 1,600 inhabitants, into a modern quarter with a functioning infrastructure, newly built 210 apartments, market place, primary school, health center and income generating activities.

Establishing a small temporary health post

Within the frame of the reconstruction of the slum area of Baraka in Dakar’s district Liberté VI, a temporary medical service was established for the 210 households.

Operating 4 days a week, the very basic infirmary provided first aid services as well as initial medical examination with the provision of medication and the possibility to refer patients to the State hospital.

Rehabilitation of the primary school in Baraka

Within the frame of the reconstruction of the slum area of Baraka in Dakar’s district Liberté VI, this small project aimed at the rehabilitation of the local primary school.

The class rooms for 216 children were painted and equipped with new tables and benches and the toilettes were rehabilitated.

Supporting Education in Emergencies in Pakistan (SEEP) financed by ECHO and ADC.

HOPE´87 has been active in the Kyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan since 2002, following the influx of Afghan refugees in 2001/2002. At the centre of action of this project were out of school children with special needs and vulnerabilities.

HOPE Centre for human development

This project focused on providing an effective training program for the professional growth of the teachers and enhancing student learning outcomes in public, non-profit and low cost private school sector in Pakistan. The project was co-financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation and formed part of a larger program approach. The project partner Trust for Education and Development of Deserving Students (TEDDS) has been working in the education sector for more than 13 years providing quality education as well as enhancing the standard of education and status of teachers in the society.

Support for technical skills training at a district level

In accordance with its principle mandate to create employment opportunities both in urban and rural areas, HOPE’87 provides technical and financial support to the local community based organisations to conduct skills training and literacy programmes. Training programmes for local youths and children were organised and successful trainees were awarded with attendance certificates.