Development Project

Improvement of the quality of education in preschool childcare facilities of Chisinau

The project for the improvement of the quality of education in preschool childcare facilities was supported by the Foundation UNESCO-Education for Children in Need. The overall aim of the project was to improve the quality of preschool education for children with special needs, children with tuberculosis and children in difficult situations. The project’s purpose was primarily to create favourable settings for leisure, physical education and development of these children by providing playgrounds and playroom equipment.

Promoting youth events & youth initiatives

In order to provide young people with networking opportunities and the chance to share experiences while developing practical knowledge, HOPE'87-Bangladesh organised a number of workshops, training sessions and youth exchange programs in Bangladesh and abroad. In 2016, a national workshop with the title "SAARC Social Charter - Youth Opportunity" has been organised in cooperation with the Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB). About 40 national and local representatives from youth organisations came together with government officials who attended the workshop.

Health & welfare support for distressed people

HOPE'87 initiated the establishment of a permanent small clinic at Thanchi sub-districts (the most remote area of Bandarban district) to provide primary health care services to the rural population, particulartly to women and children. The clinic is run by the "Humanitarian Foundation", a local NGO and partner of HOPE'87.

Nutrition education for young women

The association Barmherzigkeit International has been contributing for years in supporting HOPE'87 activities in Burkina Faso. Past interventions have efficiently supported the education of children from rural areas in Burkina Faso. The projects have focussed on the thematic areas of alphabetisation and bilingual education (French and one of the local national languages). Since the beginning of 2015, Barmherzigkeit International's contribution has been dedicated to nutrition education of mothers of children aged 6-23 months in the Komsilga community.

Hiroshima arts party: Children's drawing exhibition

The children's drawing exhibition of ANT Hiroshima supported Burundian children by developing their drawing skills and therefore their self-esteem. This was done through drawing competitions. The gifts provided by ANT Hiroshima were distributed to children affected by the violence in the city of Bujumbura and children from Uvira-DRC. This programme was also supported by two students from the Hiroshima University of Japan.

Young Burundian Leaders Network and environment

The Young Burundian Leaders Network, with the support of the ministries of Labour, Higher Education, Elementary Education as well as the American Embassy, has developed an annual "Career Fair", a unique opportunity for young people's better future prospects. It served as a place to get in touch with employees and employers from different organisations, educational institutions, NGOs and private enterprises.

Vocational training for young people in the tourism sector

HOPE'87 Burundi took part in a training project, together with the Burundian National Tourist Office, the Belgian Development Cooperation, and the General Directorate of the Ministry of Education, with funding from the International Tourist Organisation and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. This project's purpose was to build capacity amongst youth and young women in the tourism industry. The training lasted for six months and resulted in successful candidates being trained on how to be skilled hotel personnel in high quality hotels and restaurants of Bujumbura.

Training of teachers in education in emergencies

This action was a response to multiple natural and human disasters in order to preserve children's' rights to education. In recent years, Burundi is yet again suffering from violence that claims human lives and also forces young people to be misused by the actors in conflict.

Poverty alleviation programme in Chittagong Hill Tracts

The Chittagong Hill Tracts comprises three remote hill districts - namely Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari, where people find themselves confronted with diverse socio-economic problems. In light of the situation in the Chittagang Hill Tracts, HOPE’87 took this project into its hands in June 2008 and implemented some effective initiatives in order to ensure the livelihood security of the most vulnerable people of the community and to improve the socio-economic situation of the beneficiaries.

Establishing an educational unit for long term hospitalised children and a bone marrow transplantation unit in Chisinau

The “Institute for Oncology of Moldova” was founded in 1960 and is, to date, the only hospital in the country that offers specific cancer treatment for children suffering from malignant tumours. The building of the Department of Haematology at the Institute of Oncology of Moldova was constructed in 1966, and since then has been poorly maintained and never renovated due to the bad economic situation in the country.