Development Project

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Skill training for employment creation

Project Description

The ETSEP project has been the asset of the local community and the partner NGO – TOYMU since the very start. Its goals consisted of skills training in various trades provided for the unemployed tribal young men and women in the very remote area of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Two residential training centres have already been set up in the sub-districts of Ruma and Thanchi with the necessary training equipment and furniture.

Women Skills Training Centre

To cater for the needs of women, who constitute a vulnerable segment of Kashmiri society, a Skills Training Centre was established in the HOPE’87’s camp office in Dhulli, Nar Sher Ali Khan. The Centre was set up with 10 sewing machines, 2 embroidery machines, basic infrastructure and other necessary office furniture for students and staff. It provided a six-month skills training course to women including tailoring, embroidery, knitting and designing home decoration items.

Comprehensive pain management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 The aim of the project is to enable war and mine victims to receive proper pain therapy treatment and to improve the skills of medical staff to upgrade the quality of pain therapy in the major cities Sarajevo, Foca and Mostar. To achieve this, Satellite Pain Management Units (SPAMU), which are up to date, functioning and well equipped for pain therapy, were established. This ensures that the medical staff can provide treatment to both hospitalised and external patients.

Learn to Earn - computer training courses for marginalized youth with special needs

 This project, which was successfully completed on the 31st of December 2010, achieved its objective of training 955 men and women with special needs (especially deaf and mute persons) in IT- knowledge. In doing so, the project responded to the high demand of IT-education in Pakistan’s society. The specific aim of this project was to improve the chances to further education and entering the job market for the youth of Lahore and especially for those marginalized young people with special needs.

Education and capacity building of women in the fight against malnutrition

 The aim of this project is to reinforce the capacity of four target groups of women in the region of Cascade (provinces Comoe and Leraba) in the rural sector to fight against malnutrition. The four target groups are women of childbearing age, pregnant women, nursing mothers and women with children under five. To reach these target groups, HOPE’87 in financial support from the City of Vienna carried out trainings for women, which have contributed to reduce the level of malnutrition within the population of the target region.

HOPE Technical Training Centre

 The Technical Training Centre, which is situated in Old Dhaka City existing since 2001, is also a youth and learning centre for the local youth. The centre successfully gives local students the opportunity to learn computer literacy, since it was declared as compulsory for all school children by the Government of Bangladesh but cannot be provided by most of the schools. This Training Centre is also affiliated to the Bangladesh Technical Education Board and successful students obtain attendance certificates.