Business and other services

Sustainable increase of income from at least 100 new micro- and small businesses in Ouagadougou

Project goals, target groups and measures:

Neo-micro and small enterprises in the municipality of Ouagadougou sustainably increase their income through access to efficient business training provided by the Centre d'Appui aux Entreprises (CAE).

Target group: 100 neo-micro and small entreprises and their key personnel (corporate governance, marketing and accounting) as well as the CAE staff. A total of 300 people from the 100 targeted companies are registered and invited to participate in the project.

Women selling fruit juice in Baraka

The project of women vendors of fruit juice in Baraka contributed overall to the development of the policy of the female entrepreneurship in Senegal. The specific objectives of the project aimed at significantly improving the income of the women vendors.

In order to achieve the objective, the following two results were achieved:

1) The production, storage and marketing conditions for the selling of the fruit juices were improved and strengthened in Baraka

2)Technical and financial management of the production and conservation of the fruit juices were assured

Support of young women fishmongers of Yoff Dakar Senegal

The general objective of the project was to support young women fishmongers in order to contribute to the first Sustainable Development "Eliminate all poverty" in Senegal.