PRODEL/Kissal-Patim-Korassé: Local development programme for rural communities in Mampatim and Médina Chérif

Protection of natural resources and rural income generation
Moyenne Casamance, Mampatim, Médina Chérif
Project Duration: 
01/04/2009 to 31/03/2010
Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), HOPE'87
Project Description: 

This project was part of HOPE’87 longterm strategy in this area, which started in 1992 with smaller village rehabilitation projects and has developed to a holistic approach comprising agricultural as well as non-agricultural income creation, environment and the consolidation of local structures.

The objective of the project was the sustainable social and economical development of rural communities in Moyenne Casamance. To achieve this aim, the project on the one hand provided technical and instututional support and facilitites to the village committees as well as to high-level association of agricultural and foresty production. On the other hand, collective mechanisms for the advocacy, reconstitution and rational administration of natural resources on the basis of a concurrently developed cultivation plan were implemented in order to initiate an endogenous development process of the local community.

Cross cutting issues: 
Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Sustainability, Capacity Development
Project Background: 

The main sources of income and subsistence of the local population in the project area are agriculture, stock farming, forest use and the craft sector, whereas the traditional methods of production are neither efficient nor resource-saving. Some of the methods even endanger the present forest goods. Aditionally to human actions climate change and the slinding of the groundwater level has a severe impact on the living standards and the ways of production of the local communities