Humanitarian Aid: Network support to self-recovery shelter and rehabilitation support for victims of the Typhoon Haiyan

Eastern Visayas, Region VIII, Municipality of Dagami, Leyte Province
Project Duration: 
10/11/2013 to 24/11/2013
Project Description: 

After the destruction that typhoon Haiyan left behind in the Philippines, thousands of people were moved to temporary shelters, such as tents or community facilities, as their own houses were partially or completely destroyed by the storm. The reconstruction of houses thus remains a top priority, even nearly a year after the disaster. With financial support of Foundation UNESCO, HOPE’87 together with its local implementing partner, ADRA Philippines, focused on shelter recovery assistance, specifically targeting 620 households (3,100 beneficiaries) in the suburbs of the Municipality of Dagami and Carigara. There were two main activities going on: on the one hand, activities consisted of providing the necessary assistance for reconstruction and repair of damaged houses (mainly dealing with roof reconstruction). On the other hand, people needed to be provided with raw materials and tools (saws, shovels, hammers...) in order to construct basic, temporary shelter for those whose homes were completely destroyed. The shelter repair kits that were being provided to beneficiaries consist of corrugated galvanized iron sheets (CGIs) covering 18m2 living space, locally available coco lumber, fixings (nails/ropes/wires/hurricane strapping) and cladding. Furthermore, people were trained on safer building practices and disaster risk reduction measures in order to increase general awareness as well as disaster preparedness.