Success story in celebration of the UN-World Humanitarian Day - From Chores to Homework

Sitting shyly and quietly, it takes time for Tajmina to warm up and open up about her experience in the previous school she was studying in. For children like Tajmina, there are little opportunities in small rural villages in Pakistan to gain the experience of a formal schooling system. They end up attending schools which lack the quality primary education needed to build a child’s educational base; this was the case with this young ten year old featured. 

She previously, attended a school where rather than learning, the children were busy finishing up the household chores that were left to complete during the day time. The young boys and girls were forced to wash the dishes left lying around the house. However, the community feeder school of Syed Abad has breathed a new life into the informal education system present in the village. Focusing strongly on teaching and learning- swapping dishwashing sponges for books and pencils, the children are now happier than ever. Tajmina being the perfect example; earning the first position among her classmates every year during examinations, she has been able to prove herself as the smart and capable girl she is today. 

HOPE’87 continues to work every day in reforming the lives of many children like Tajmina. Along with their partners and donors, they are working towards transforming many community feeder schools and molding the young minds all over the districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.