Success story in celebration of the UN-International Day of Education - Road to Education

Aspirations. We all have them. Working day and night to reach up to the expectations that we have set for ourselves. For many children residing around the rural parts of Pakistan these aspirations are often left unfulfilled. 

However, for children like Sara, the community feeder school in the village ‘Syed Abad’ of Peshawar helps her reach those goals every day. Studying at this school since the beginning, she has shown constant progress and is now attending the fourth grade- a great achievement for someone who was not fortunate enough to be exposed to the formal school system. At the age of just 10, she is able to not only learn by herself but also to teach those younger than her in the classroom! Lending a helping hand to the teacher when she is preoccupied with other classroom activities. Coming from a family of six siblings, she can only hope to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. Below, Sara can be seen holding a black board chalk which only goes to show her motivation to learn, grow and impart her knowledge on her younger class fellows. 

HOPE’87 along with their partners and donors have joined hands with various communities to help alleviate the hardships that these children are facing on a daily basis. Through the “Access for out-of-school Children to Education and Safe Schools” (AcCESS) project, our organization believes that an easier and more accessible road to education will lead these dreams into becoming realities.